Tormaresca, a Renaissance for Apulian wine

The Antinori family has been committed to winemaking since 1385, and in the past few years has extended its interest to regions outside of Tuscany. Fifteen years ago, they started Tormaresca in Apulia, making wine from Apulian autochthonous grapes.

Angelini Design has now restyled the three labels in the Nèprica range (Negroamaro, Primitivo, Cabernet) as well as the one for the Cabernet.

The project was carried out to give the four clusters a premium positioning and to strengthen the Tormaresca brand and the product’s geographical origin through its label.

The new graphics’ essential look brings to life visual elements of Apulia’s artistic tradition, complemented by a refined custom font. Four colors for four different wines: a palette of warm, soft colors composes the backdrop to the name of the wine and grape variety, while a black frame at the center of the label contains the Tormaresca logo.

Angelini Design’s restyling respects the winemaking world’s communication codes and classic stylistic features, while giving a contemporary and minimalist interpretation of Apulian culture and its ancient tradition of enology.