Visual identity for the first anniversary of the Shanghai Disney Resort

For the first anniversary of the largest amusement park in the world, Angelini Design was asked to design the event’s whole visual identity, from logo to style guidelines – producing a handbook to keep all communication coherent – and from fonts to color palettes and supporting graphics.

The agency met the brief with a spectacular firework of graphics. The goal was to interpret the corporate communication pay-off, “Ignite the magical dream within your heart”, and to revive the themes of joy, magic and fun for everyone. An explosion of creativity helped effectively convey the ideas of “celebration” and “pride” for the milestone Disney reached in the challenging Chinese market.

For the much-awaited and delicate event, the Shanghai Disney Resort (SHDR) asked Angelini Design to leverage graphic communication to consolidate brand affinity, strengthen Disney’s brand awareness in China and explore the abovementioned key themes. The company also noted the need to spark in consumers a sense of privilege and pride in participating in the experience at the resort.

Fireworks were definitely the paramount element in designing the event’s visual identity; they were interpreted as an explosion of material dots of color, dense and bright, surrounded by rays and lapilli, in a concept that is both strong and open to visual interpretation. At the center and in overlap, the unfailing Disney signboard is engraved with the number “1”, reminiscent of a front door that everyone is invited to open. The logo is designed for dynamic use and allows for a variety of different color combinations, to underscore the rich and bubbly emotions evoked by the SHDR.

Furthermore, the style guidelines include a Chinese version of the font design, coherent with the original pay-off and with Disney’s corporate communication.

Finally, to complete the SHDR’s visual identity project, Angelini Design implemented four more communication tools: the press kit, badges (6 different types), invitations (4 different types, depending on targets) and entrance tickets to the Shanghai park (4 types). The latter were designed to become collectibles, with different colors depending on the palette.