Wind – Product packaging

Apart from sims and services for landlines and mobiles, Wind also offers products for communication: cell phones, internet keys, modems and tablets can be found in each store and Angelini Design studied various packages that make each product recognizable and precious.

The characteristic cluster, a key element of the graphical format elaborated by Angelini Design, is the protagonist of the sim and micro-sim packs, in which white and orange are the dominant colors. The chosen font ensures the information on the content is clear. In the packages of the cell phones of the major producers, the cluster contains the name of the model, while the choice of gray for the font and the “white on white” graphic motifs contribute in giving an idea of value and high technology. The same concept is again found in the package for the Infostrada modem, a router that is innovative also in its design, which also comes from Angelini. The dominant color in this case is obviously Infostrada’s blue, lightened on the background so as to allow the “sail” shape of the modem to stand out, as if it were surfing the sea before it does so on the internet.

Internet packs dedicated to the business world were also designed, containing the devices necessary for the communication and online connection of companies. Gray and silver are the dominant colors, and a system of icons contributes in describing the content of the pack, without interfering with the professional and technical tone of the graphics.

All together, the packages appear highly recognizable and coherent between them, supplying a well-defined image of the Wind brand.