With Duffy, Disney’s magic takes flight

As the Shanghai Disney Resort has renewed its collaboration with China Eastern Airlines – continental China’s airline serving regional, national and international routes – Angelini Design was entrusted with an articulated communication project: to create a full immersive experience for passengers, extending from Shanghai’s strategic Hongqiao airport hub to the cabin of their Boeing 737.

The concept of the project – Joyful journeys begin with cherished friends – was defined to win passengers over and motivate them to visit the amusement park, drawing a connection between Duffy’s world and the Shanghai Disney Resort so that they can coexist in harmony while remaining two distinct dimensions. The leading characters in the operation are Duffy – the charming teddy bear that Minnie Mouse gave to her beloved Mickey before he left for a long trip – and his inseparable friends ShellieMay, StellaLou and Gelatoni. 

Angelini Design kept the new characters created by Disney at the center of the creative project, which exuded all the joy and sweetness of these unusual travel companions. Disney’s popular characters are set on pastel color backgrounds, with a dominant yellow and light blue. Duffy and his friends come to life on a vibrant and positive yellow background featuring iconic elements that express their personality, while the attractions of the Shanghai Resort Disney and the iconic castle are represented with simple and soft lines, magically suspended between the clouds of a blue sky.

The shuttle bus connecting the airport gate to the aircraft, boarding passes and even the interiors of the plane are all designed to surround passengers with Disney’s magic throughout their journey: check-in devices, details added to the flight assistants’ uniforms, the seats’ headrests, the overhead compartments’ doors and the partitions inside the aircraft were all customized through Angelini Design’s visual project, giving a delicate yet effective interpretation of Disney’s will to engage passengers in a wonderful “flight of fancy”. Thanks to this charming and well-thought-out project, thousands of passengers live their flight as an experience that brings them closer to the Disney world and to its surprising magic.