Ypsilon St’Art at Artissima, promoting Lancia and fine-art photography

A sponsor of Artissima since 2014, in 2015 Lancia began promoting “Ypsilon St’Art”, a series of guided tours at the fair. For the third consecutive year, in 2017 Angelini Design created a multi-purpose booth for the initiative, to promote fine-art photography, serve as a starting point for the tours, and showcase the Lancia Ypsilon model.

This year, the Turin-based brand also sponsored “World Press Photo” – the most prestigious press photography contest in the world – and the great “A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” Peter Lindbergh exhibition. Angelini Design developed the concept for the 2017 booth starting from Lancia’s sponsorship of these three contemporary art and photography events.

Within this context, the space was designed to underline Lancia’s commitment to promoting fine-art photography and to become a special access point to Artissima, offering a real interactive, artistic experience in line with the fair’s identity.

Before any of the Ypsilon St’Art tours, visitors gather in the lounge area, welcomed by a comfortable, XL lounge chair shaped like a Y. While they wait, they discover a space that invites them to interact with photography, moving sliding panels with women’s portraits and colorful veils to create different combinations.

Thus the Ypsilon St’Art booth and social activity open up opportunities for visitors to live an experience in photography, engage directly with artistic content, and grow closer to the Lancia brand sponsoring the initiative.