Ypsilon_Portrays – The style of contemporary femininity

To celebrate the launch of the new Lancia Ypsilon, Angelini Design has signed the concept, art direction, casting and production of Y_Portrays, a web series and project of branded entertainment that accompanies the launch of the new fashion city car.

Web series Ypsilon_Portrays – The style of contemporary femininity offers eight brief video portraits of people who represent their various fields – art, music, fashion, sport, haute cuisine, business – but are far removed from the star system. These portraits are intended to expand on the car’s universe with atypical stories that delineate complex, dynamic, elegant and sophisticated personalities.

Ypsilon_Portrays depicts surprising stories of women and men who explore the concept of contemporary femininity, dismantling stereotypes and highlighting the originality and authenticity of the protagonists.

The narrative thread that is common to all 8 biopics, though interpreted differently for each character, is the courage to evolve, change their lifestyle, go further, while staying true to themselves and maintaining their own unique character, just like Lancia Ypsilon.

Each portrait is a unique combination of ingredients. The style of contemporary femininity is something that exists thanks to the balance of different factors, not just with regards to aesthetics, but also to content. At the same time, content in and of itself would not be enough to breathe life into objects and trends so that they communicate charm and charisma.

Each episode of Ypsilon_Portrays is hosted by writer Matteo Caccia, an exceptional testimonial who conducts the interviews himself while driving a new Lancia Y.