A Cleaner Future with Eni

A Cleaner Future with Eni

On June 10th, 2022, in Mestre, just outside of Venice, Eni inaugurated its premiere Eni Station in an urban area, allowing the public to refuel with hydrogen by the road. The facility, created to reduce the transportation sector's environmental impact, represents the first milestone of the "Venice World Capital of Sustainability" project, resulting from the collaboration between Eni, Toyota, and the municipality of Venice to promote sustainable transport in the Venice area.

The project is part of Eni's transformation towards zero-emission transport. It already offers various solutions to this end, including energy carriers such as biofuels produced from waste and refuse, biomethane, hydrogen, and electricity, and services such as Enjoy car sharing.

Angelini Design created the visual identity for the service station, giving utmost importance to visual cleanliness and especially to the representation of hydrogen, for which a new logo was tailor-made. The main walls of the station feature a pattern with hexagon-shaped modules referencing the chemical formula for hydrogen. Angelini Design also created the Eni graphic format encompassing all interior and dispenser signage.

Eni is moving toward a cleaner future, and Angelini Design is proud to support the company's values and demands in this venture.