A New Chapter for Metodo Massi

A New Chapter for Metodo Massi

Founded in 2019 in the Italian seaside town of Senigallia on the Adriatic coast, Metodo Massi is a relative newcomer to the premium pasta sector, already making waves with its innovative patented production techniques, superior quality, and unique characteristics. With international pasta production almost doubling over the past twenty years, up from 9.1 million tonnes to nearly 17 million tonnes per year, and an ever-increasing demand for quality pasta among discerning consumers, high-end restaurants, and specialty gourmet food stores all over the world, Metodo Massi recognized the need for a rebranding to distinguish the company and elevate its position within the market. They contacted Angelini Design.

A deep respect for the quality of its ingredients and a revolutionary approach to pasta-making is at the heart of Metodo Massi's identity. The patented technology's delicate process avoids the physical or chemical transformation usually caused by thermal pressure or stress. Metodo Massi's pasta is more nutritional, retaining more protein than other brands, and holds the desired uniform al dente consistency without overcooking. Naturally crunchy in texture, the pasta proudly provides the authentic, pure taste and fragrance of 100% Italian wheat. 

To better communicate the value of this technology and the process, Angelini Design shifted away from the former brand name, Pasta Pietro Massi, renaming the brand Metodo Massi. Inspired by the aura of excellence surrounding the luxuriant world of the most prestigious winemakers, the new name and the new tagline “pasta superiore” hint at technological innovation, emphasizing the production process central to the brand's position on the market. Massi remains in the name, giving continuity to the brand, while Metodo ("method") creates intrigue with a new message. 

Angelini Design's new logo and visual language for Metodo Massi communicate the brand's premium identity, telling a story of excellence and distinction through fonts and shapes that transmit iconic refinement and timelessness. The elegant new packaging is minimal and essential, yet bold and distinctive. Understated white, gold, and black differentiate Metodo Massi's three pasta lines. 

Metodo Massi was launched at the Milan World Food Exhibition, "Tutto Food," from the 8th to the 11th of May 2023. The occasion marked a new chapter in the brand's history as it shares the story of its unique, innovative methods with the world.