Amarelli, the new look of flavor

Amarelli, the new look of flavor

Since 1731, Amarelli has been selecting the best licorice roots to create its unparalleled, surprisingly unique products: this has allowed the brand to establish itself as an Italian icon of flavor and mastery.

Sweet or intense, pure or flavored, each licorice candy in Amarelli’s wide range has a story to tell. Now for the first time, the company has decided to showcase ten different varieties in a single display, packaged in a material the brand had never used before.

The focus of the project was indeed finding a way to use cardboard instead of aluminum for the candy boxes, creating a polished and elegant packaging system that conveys premium quality and sophistication to the consumer – on the backdrop of a cheery color palette that feels modern and fresh.

Angelini Design carefully created the new font for the project, down to the smallest detail. The type design implemented for products’ names was enriched by serifs and swirls, while screen-printed silver details elevate the new cardboard box to the same perceived value of Amarelli’s classic aluminum pack.

The ten products in the new display well represent every nuance in the world of licorice – each one with a delicious different flavor, and now ready to entice consumers with the contemporary elegance of Amarelli’s iconic packaging.