ENGIE, powered by teamwork.

ENGIE, powered by teamwork.

With over 3,800 employees and 60 locations throughout Italy, ENGIE Italia's operations in the energy industry encompass the production and sale of electricity and gas, energy management, energy efficiency solutions, and integrated services. The company recently restructured its business units, integrating the Energy and Home Services, emphasizing the importance of the customer. Management chose to share the new objectives and its latest results with the employees at the B2C Days in April and September 2022, to focus on empowerment and team building. Angelini Design developed the creative concept, name, logo, format, and program.

Angelini Design's creative concept for the B2C Day came from the metaphor of climbing, with the event held in a rock climbing facility. This out-of-the-ordinary setting allows participants to develop trust, build confidence by exceeding limits, and work together with their colleagues as a cohesive team to achieve goals: essential qualities and skills for the company's success. Angelini Design's name for the event, Heroes Team Up!, brings to life the idea of being courageous and proactive, doubling as a call to action for employees to team together. The name appears in a fun, colorful, and energetic logo, inspired by the geometric shapes of the climbing holds, while the claim "empowerment, integration, centricity together" reinforces the principles of teamwork: accepting a challenge, daring to reach a new goal, seeking new trajectories, and overcoming limits. Angelini Design's plan for the team-building activities promotes inclusiveness, so all employees feel comfortable and involved in the workshop as part of a cohesive group. Two variations of the same activity prove that there is more than one way of achieving goals and that individuals' needs and abilities should be considered when approaching challenges. 

Angelini Design's concept for the B2C Day events supports ENGIE Italia's desire to encourage teamwork and integration with employees becoming active players in the business ecosystem and is adaptable to various incentive events around Italy. The second event occurred in the splendid setting of Polignano a Mare in conjunction with the Red Bull Cliff Diving '22, proudly sponsored by Engie. For this event, the visual identity of Heroes Team Up! has been enriched with a graphic theme that refers figuratively and decoratively to diving.

Special guest, Alessandro De Rose, the winner of the 2022 European Championships in Rome and the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, led the event. Angelini Design was in charge of organizing the event, setting up the location, and all pre- and post-event engagement activities.