Francorosso embarks on a new journey with reimagined catalogs

Francorosso embarks on a new journey with reimagined catalogs

Francorosso, the renowned tour operator within the Alpitour Group, has long been a shining star for travel enthusiasts seeking quality experiences. Offering an extensive range of destinations and top-tier services, Francorosso tailors its exclusive itineraries and activities to today's discerning traveler with a distinctly Italian devotion to style and beauty. Angelini Design has breathed new life into the brand's catalog format, enhancing its value as a multi-target tool capable of effectively communicating information and emotion.

In revamping Francorosso's catalog format, Angelini Design's challenge was to create a fresh, contemporary design with an engaging tone of voice that would differentiate the brand from competitors while staying true to its elegance, simplicity, and emotional connectivity.

To achieve these goals, Angelini Design’s art direction embraced a minimal, refined, and evocative approach. Stunning images take center stage against clean white backgrounds, complemented by hand-written elements. The design concept showcases destinations and experiences while conveying Francorosso's originality and commitment to crafting unique, tailor-made vacations.

The catalog covers, recognized as powerful tools for storytelling, become ever more iconic, representing the essence of a journey. They transport readers toward their dream destinations with enchanting images and vibrant colors of distant lands.

The new tone of voice for the latest catalogs is personal, sincere, and distinct, with understated copy bringing Francorosso to life as a trusted source of advice, suggesting the very best travel solutions.

Francorosso's new catalogs take readers on a visual and emotional voyage, where art, elegance, and the spirit of adventure merge, offering a glimpse of the remarkable experiences that await.