Granoro Dedicato: all Puglia, all the way.

Granoro Dedicato: all Puglia, all the way.

Founded in 1967, Granoro is an Italian food company specializing in the production of pasta and ready-made sauces. Granoro's line Dedicato is a short supply chain pasta project launched ten years ago. To mark the anniversary, Granoro has asked Angelini Design to create a new identity for Dedicato, restyling the logo and packaging to boost its position as a super premium product at a national level.



Dedicato pasta stands out in the sector as a product that is not only Made in Italy but made in Puglia, from start to finish, with 100% Puglian wheat. Angelini Design has worked closely with the brand to represent and embrace Granoro's authentic connection to its beloved homeland. Inspiration came from the famed Puglian artist Pino Pascali, who, as a part of the Arte Povera movement, elevated everyday items and traditional elements as objects worthy of recognition, highlighting the intrinsic beauty in their genuineness and simplicity. Angelini Design applied this concept to the Dedicato pasta as a product that deserves acknowledgment, photographically capturing the beauty in its various shapes and the shadows they create on rustic, textured surfaces. Through refined, minimal design, the powerfully expressive images pay tribute to Puglia, to its wheat and pasta, in a decidedly contemporary way.

The new paper packaging for the pasta supports Granoro's commitment to sustainability with a palette of soft, natural colors and textures that recall the limestone walls of the region's characteristic country homes and farmhouses. The pasta is proudly visible through a transparent window on each pack, while the restyled Granoro logo is prominent at the top. The new Dedicato logo is cleaner and more refined, with particular attention given to font size and spacing. As a uniting element on all four of the sublines, a single golden ear of wheat runs across every packet, symbolizing the origin of all that which is at the heart of Granoro, strengthening the visual impact, making the brand's mastery in pasta production stand out amongst competitors on store shelves.

This ten-year anniversary of Dedicato marks a milestone for Granoro, and Angelini Design is proud to usher Dedicato into a new era, with pasta as a work of art.