More Imax this summer

More Imax this summer

This summer in China, IMAX is focused on promoting locally made films, particularly Detective vs. Sleuths, Mozart from Space, Moon Man, and Warriors of Future. Angelini Design has created the campaign.

The campaign concept centers around the idea of offering "more" this summer, beyond one’s expectations, communicated with the Chinese 夏天多好啊 – Xia Tian Duo Hao A. The phrase holds two meanings: "what a wonderful summer" and "the more summer, the better." 

Carlo Angelini explains:

"For me, summer is a state of mind. A time of meaningful experiences where freedom goes together with happiness. A time that is romantic and full of life. A time of sharing and closeness, inspiration and dreams - like IMAX.

My inspiration then turns to the 60s and 70s, the so-called flower power era, a period of creativity and colors, love and happiness, possibilities and discoveries. I like that specific style because it recalls the art that emerged towards the end of the 19th century, particularly Art Nouveau, when colors and lines demanded freedom, creativity, novelty, and beauty. Whimsical curves and fluid shapes amalgamated; decorative details featured flowers and creatures. The whole mood is playful, fit for a new spirit, and aesthetically beautiful.

The IMAX summer campaign is a hymn to vitality and dynamism, an explosion of colors. An invitation to beauty. It is a sinuous and kinetic game of lines that embody a vision of the world as an eternal and natural creative phenomenon.”

The key visuals reference the four main movies to be screened this summer with elements such as the piano alluding to Mozart from Space, and planets that recall Moon Man. As a fun addition, a blank version of the campaign poster is available for children to color in, putting their imagination to the test.

Carlo concludes, “this is what we need today, and this is the message that I wanted to share. A season of joy, color, togetherness, and - above all - optimism.”