The new face of Olio Basso

The new face of Olio Basso

From the heart of the southern Italian region of Campania, Olio Basso is a family business dating back to 1904 dedicated to producing and distributing olive oil. Representing the finest flavors of the Mediterranean and the excellence of Italian extra virgin olive oil, the brand has traditionally held a strong following in its home region. Today, however, the company operates internationally and is mainly focused on the overseas market. Angelini Design has devised a new positioning strategy and rebranding for Olio Basso as a premium product and a market leader through distinctive, contemporary visual language.



The repositioning upgrade of Olio Basso focuses on the high quality of the product, along with the company's respect for tradition, and proudly advertises its down-to-earth values within a notoriously competitive sector. The new visual language abandons nostalgia and clichés, opting for an increased perception of quality through modernity. Angelini Design created the new Olio Basso logo to convey the brand's unique personality with attention to shape, color, and lettering, supporting the company's evolution. The revised illustration of the woman charges the design with a more youthful feel, while the Basso signature gains a more prominent position to impart warmth and passion in the family name with pride and elegance.A more contemporary and readable logo effectively communicates the family name and stands out on the shelf due to its clean, confident simplicity. 


The olive, central to the business, takes on new importance in the soon-to-be-released packaging with a striking and fun pattern, paying homage to nature, territory, and history. 


The 2022 Cibus International Food Fair in Parma has been selected as the ideal event to introduce and present the new packaging to buyers. A cylinder at the center of the stand serves as a teaser for the shape of the redesigned olive oil bottle, incorporating the olive pattern in an iconic way. Angelini Design chose a performance artist to create traffic and attention at the booth, using juggling as a symbol for the life that springs from everything that Olio Basso touches. 


With Angelini Design's rebranding and visual language, Olio Basso celebrates its rich and long history while propelling the family name and its products into the future for generations to come.