A Strega sleeve in homage to Depero

A Strega sleeve in homage to Depero

Strega has entrusted Angelini Design with creating a new bottle sleeve for a special edition of its liquor – as always, made in Benevento, Italy. 

To remind the market of the brand’s rich artistic heritage, the agency decided to focus on an iconic element that could effectively convey the product’s specific features and longstanding tradition.

Therefore, the sleeve designed for the occasion stars an illustration by none other than Fortunato Depero – who collaborated with Strega on a number of projects – reinterpreted by the agency: a purple witch (“strega” in Italian) on a yellow background with white details, with the Strega logo on the neck of the bottle.

The overall visual impact is very strong, thanks to the sharp chromatic contrast of an image that draws from tradition all the powerful and unmistakable expressivity of post-futurism, as defined by one of Italy’s greatest artists.