A Year of Magical Surprises at the Shanghai Disney Resort

A Year of Magical Surprises at the Shanghai Disney Resort

In June 2016, the Shanghai Disney Resort opened its doors to the public. 2021 marks the 5th anniversary of the opening, which it is celebrating as “A Year of Magical Surprises". Events involving visitor participation are running throughout the year, so every day at the resort is special, filled with the unexpected. Angelini Design has been called upon to create the campaign promoting the anniversary.

The resulting artwork is an open invitation to all, alluring visitors to discover the celebratory explosion of magic at the Shanghai Disney Resort. The iconic Disney castle is at the heart of the composition, with the tallest tower glowing like a birthday candle set inside a brightly illuminated number 5. Rays of light emanating from the castle hint at the new spectacular night shows at the resort. The sky is an idyllic fairytale sunset, dotted with the stars and hats - symbols of the anniversary - that are central to the television advertisement. As the campaign is all about celebrations, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are present, along with the entire cast of Disney’s beloved characters, dressed in outfits fashioned especially for the occasion. Their hand gestures and expressions are brimming with excitement, welcoming fans to walk down the magical gold and white carpet towards the castle and inside the Disney Resort. 

The concept that Angelini Design has created is flexible, adaptable for use with other characters from the franchise catalog, such as those of Marvel, Frozen, and Pixar, for both online and offline channels.

This is the first celebration of its kind at the Shanghai Disney Resort, and one that will surely be remembered.