Christmas is good, with Molino Casillo

Christmas is good, with Molino Casillo

Molino Casillo entrusted Angelini Design with bringing to life a real synergy, a partnership that included a creative and marketing consultancy as well as a full editorial content plan.

After a first phase of rebranding, the agency ideated and developed a brand awareness project tying in with Christmas: an important element in Molino Casillo’s broader communication strategy, which will allow the company to reach the consumer market, while strengthening and extending its presence in the professional field at the same time.

For the 2020 holiday season, Molino Casillo and Angelini Design created an exclusive, limited-edition and numbered box, containing four packs of flour and semolina, a bottle of Apulian extra virgin olive oil and a recipe book dedicated to Christmas specialties, introduced by Italian actor Luca Argentero. Part of the proceeds will support 52 solidarity projects that have been presented to Argentero’s charitable association – 1 Caffè Onlus – for 2021. Angelini came up with the box’s creative concept, copy and packaging design, as well as the graphic design for the recipe book.

Considering the context of 2020, Christmas celebrations were quite different and the focus turned to gratitude and empathy, which are key values for brands that promote meaningful projects and dialogue with their audience in an authentic way. When working on the project’s concept, therefore, Angelini Design defined the tagline “Natale buono per te, Natale buono per tutti” (“A Christmas that is good for you. A Christmas that is good for everyone”): in 2020, it was more important than ever to give a little joy to the people who need our help, or who need us at their side. The typical Italian greeting “Buon Natale”, therefore, turns into “Natale Buono”: the simple inversion reflects a radical change in perspective, reminding us of how small acts of solidarity can make a huge difference.

To design the packaging, the agency drew inspiration from Molino Casillo’s origins. The creative team imagined and reinterpreted the iconic motifs of Apulia, the region where the company is headquartered, and the typical Christmas lights that shine bright during local festivals. Thus, the brand’s imagery stands out with the gold outline graphics of the exclusive “Christmas Box”. A precious coffer that protects traditional, good products, ready to make Christmas good for everyone.