Ferrari Classiche monograph, the Art of Restoration

Ferrari Classiche monograph, the Art of Restoration

The most precious cars in the world are kept in a secure, secret location in Maranello. It’s the Ferrari Classiche workshop, where classic Ferraris are restored, certified original and put back on the road more beautiful than ever. Angelini Design had the chance to tell the story of this unique place, where the art of restauration has flourished since 2006, bringing back to life a a wonderful collectors-only monograph.

Even collectors and highborn owners often don’t realize that Ferrari Classiche carries out no more than 10 restorations a year on average. Restoring a classic model is a real event, both for the owner and for the company. The small number of projects is a clear indication of the care and research that go into every philological, technological and craftsmanship aspect: it is only with its finest work that the Ferrari Classiche workshop can guarantee absolute coherence with the original specifications of each car.

By consulting the complete archive of original technical drawings and assembly sheets for any Ferrari model every made in history, restoration experts can rebuild any component in the engine, guaranteeing their work is completely in line with the cars’ original DNA.

The monograph curated by Angelini Design allows Ferrari to renew its storytelling about this unique heritage, targeting an exclusive audience. The agency reproduced the original photographs and copy from a pre-existing volume, in a new graphic layout that makes for a deluxe book that is sure to impress. Art direction showcases the cars and their specific components in the only way that seems possible: like priceless jewels, fruit of Ferrari’s masterful restoration.