Flying in the year of Mickey

Flying in the year of Mickey

New stage in the collaboration between Shanghai Disney Resort and China East Airlines. Also on this occasion, Angelini Design carried out an immersive and engaging communication project with the aim of guiding tourist traffic from some strategic locations in China to the Shanghai Disney Resort during the most special period of the Chinese year, the New Year. The agency has created a communication project that, between tradition and magic, accompanies passengers from the spaces of the strategic Hongqiao airport hub to the cabins of two Chinese airline planes.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the mouse: for this reason, Angelini Design could only put Mickey Mouse and Minnie, the two most famous mice in the world, at the center of their creative idea.

For passengers, the journey into Disney magic begins already inside the airport where the self check-in machines and the other spaces dedicated to the boarding phase are personalized with images that communicate all the joy and sumptuousness typical of the Chinese New Year. The journey continues in the cabins of the two aircraft of the Chinese company, an A320 and an A330: headrests and table covers are the supports on which the couple of protagonists of this campaign stands out. The two protagonists of the visual wear the traditional typical clothes of the very important Chinese holiday thus becoming cheerful and joyful travel companions for the thousands of passengers of China East Airlines, the airline that operates on international, national and regional routes. 

Red and gold, the symbolic colors of the Chinese New Year, are the basis of a visual that elegantly communicates this moment of celebration that involves the entire Chinese population. In addition to the two protagonists and the famous Disney castle, iconic elements of the Chinese New Year are represented, such as lanterns, flowers, parchments and clouds, a symbol of prosperity for Chinese culture. The fireworks that embellish the images present on all the communication tools designed by the agency, are the emblem of the most famous Chinese holiday and a tribute to pyrotechnic art, invented in China over a millennium ago and has always been the bearer of a message of good omen and festive liveliness.