Le trésor rouge de Torre del Greco

Le trésor rouge de Torre del Greco

Le trésor rouge de Torre del Greco EVENTS The Italian Trade Agency ITA (or ICE, in the Italian acronym) promotes Italian companies’ internationalization and business abroad, to foster the development of the country’s SMEs beyond national borders, according to the Ministry of Economic Development’s directives. Within its framework of activities, the National Associations of Coral, Cameos and Similar Material Producers (Assocoral) entrusted ITA with promoting the work and excellent craftsmanship of its members in the French market. With over 100 member companies, Assocoral strives to protect, promote and enhance the value of the unique fine craft of coral sculpting and related arts.

ITA thus organized an event at the Italian Embassy in Paris, during which Assocoral members had the opportunity to present their work and to meet potential French partners and intermediaries: jewelers, coral importers, journalists and industry experts. The event’s program spanned an entire day, with two key moments: a press conference in the morning and a gala event in the evening, attended by the Ambassador herself.

Angelini Design was asked to ideate and organize the entire event: starting from the core concept, the agency developed the day’s visual identity and interpreted it through an ecosystem of communication materials. It also organized and managed all the logistics for the most important moments in the event.

Torre del Greco enjoys a rare connection with the historical craftsmanship and know-how required to create red coral pieces and cameos: the town immediately comes to mind whenever “red gold” is concerned, and vice versa. For this reason, Angelini Design centered the entire project on the ancient tradition of this fine form of craftsmanship and on its birthplace. To hint at Torre del Greco’s precious materials and geographical context – between Mount Vesuvius and the Mediterranean Sea – Angelini Design created a striking visual based on only two colors: red to clearly reference coral, and black to represent the volcano’s lava. The agency also translated the artistic value of Torre del Greco’s fine craftsmanship with a sculpted bust, embellished by a streamlined red necklace and earrings, to evoke both cameos and Pompeian art. The name of the event, “Corallo, le trésor rouge de Torre del Greco” (“Coral, the red treasure of Torre del Greco”) paid homage to the precious material and provided the running theme for the event.

To highlight the liveliness and constant renewal of coral craftsmanship in the Neapolitan town, Angelini Design hired beautiful models to wear and showcase the jewels during the gala at the Embassy. To convey coral’s warmth and elegance, the agency carefully designed both the venue’s spaces and the harmonious choreography performed by the models, who were dressed in black and moved to the beat of traditional Neapolitan music to further elevate the jewels.

The work and know-how of Torre del Greco jewelers and producers also inspired a photographic project by Renato Cerisola, who presented his vision of this ancestral craft during the gala evening.

With his outstanding artistic talent, Cerisola celebrated coral workers and triggered an immediate emotional response, translating into images the passion that radiates from a long tradition built on painstaking artistic gestures, passed down from generation to generation to transform noble and ancient materials – coral and seashell – into original and unique works of art.

Finally, a craftsman from Torre del Greco was present and worked live for the whole day, sparking guests’ interest and many enthusiastic exchanges.

The red and black palette of the key visual was used on all the communication materials developed by Angelini Design for the event: invitations, catalog, press kit, photocall background, stages, and panels for the photo exhibition. Finally, to fully highlight the exquisite value of coral, a red-tinged light flooded the sumptuous Embassy, plunging guests into the artistic world of Torre del Greco.

Some data may help grasp the success of the event:

/ 10 producers and jewelers from Torre del Greco attended the event

/ 50 journalists attended the press conference

/ 300 guests were invited to the gala evening

/ 250 catalogs were distributed

/ 100 press kits were handed out