LVE is the new joint venture between Versalis and Lotte Chemical

LVE is the new joint venture between Versalis and Lotte Chemical

Since 2013, Versalis - Italy - and Lotte Chemical - North Korea - have joined forces in a strategic joint venture to establish their leadership in the Asian market, leveraging their top-ranking positions in elastomer design and production respectively. As their brand advisor, Angelini Design was at their side all along, for the conception and development of their new joint brand, LVE - Lotte Versalis Elastomers.

LVE’s new personality stems from a brand identity defined by Angelini over nine months, which creates strong synergy between two different but highly compatible potentials. Starting from market analysis and interviews carried out within the company, the process led to the definition of the brand essence, naming, main communication goals, market positioning and – consequently – BTL strategy and communication model.

The new LVE legal identity and naming were born out of the merger of the two brands, with the enhancement of their individual potential. Once naming was approved, market positioning was based on LVE’s new payoff: “Multiplied Performances”. The goal was to create a new entity that could play a leading role in the Eastern market for elastomers, especially focused on the automotive sector.

Hence, Angelini Design designed the key driver for the entire communication model: the LVE logo, which was built taking into consideration color-perception analysis in the Eastern market, where orange – a mix of yellow and red, the main colors in the Versalis and Lotte Chemical brands – is the color of prophecy and credibility. In the logo’s graphics, orange is paired with blue, which typically represents the concept of technology.

The logo inspired all BTL communication guidelines and the brand’s manifesto, and will be at the basis of the brand’s upcoming editorial template as well.