Manfredi Palm Suite, an oasis of luxury at the heart of Rome

Manfredi Palm Suite, an oasis of luxury at the heart of Rome

At the end of 2018, after nearly one hundred years in the field of luxury hotels, the Manfredi family added a new structure to its Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection. An elegant 18th-century building in Rome’s city center, just a stone’s throw away from the Colosseum, thus turned into the Manfredi Palm Suite: a place where elegant interiors and love for contemporary design converge.

Angelini Design was entrusted with defining the corporate identity, naming and logo of this new project by the Manfredi family.

While the palm tree growing in the courtyard provided the creative inspiration for the name, the term suiteestablishes the structure’s premium positioning and conveys the sense of secluded haven guests can enjoy.

The logo is based on a custom font and slender, sophisticated lines, and references the palm tree as the location’s icon. This small but crucial part of the hotel’s corporate identity was the starting point for the development of new elements, destined to communication tools (such as business cards) as well as to some of the structure’s architectural details.