Prima Power returns with new solutions on all sides

Prima Power returns with new solutions on all sides

Prima Power is an international company specializing in laser and sheet metal fabrication machines and 3D and 2D laser machines. From October 26 to 29, 2021, Prima Power is showcasing its latest solutions for the sheet metal world at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart, Germany, with a corner of the stand dedicated to the Laser Genius+ 2D laser cutting machine.

The concept created by Angelini Design draws its inspiration from the world of Leonardo da Vinci, particularly the multiformity of da Vinci's genius and his extraordinary ability to design solutions. More specifically, the concept references his studies and illustrations of the polyhedra shape (from the Greek πολύς, meaning "many" and εδρον, meaning "face"). This shape simulates the effect of steel, connecting with the brand's offer, representing the diversity of solutions that the company offers its customers. The concept is reinforced throughout the stand with the claims "All Sides of Performance", "All Sides of Technology", "All Sides of Sustainability", and "All Sides of Innovation". 

Prima Additive, the 3D metal printing unit of the corporation, also backs up these claims with solutions for every client's needs. The visuals, including backdrops, signs, and partitions for the stand display the polyhedron, or a part of it, with luminous purples, blues, and pinks that glow like the laser of the machines they represent.

Prima Power for Blechexpo signaling a return to the brand's live events after the long pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic.