With Starbucks the future is good good, and it's already here

With Starbucks the future is good good, and it's already here

With the new Good Good brand, Starbucks aims to raise awareness about sustainability amongst its consumers and, at the same time, highlights the quality of its new plant-based food and drink options. In these challenging times of hard-to-face scientific news, the American brand expresses a positive message, and inspires its Chinese clients to explore new lifestyles that can balance consumer wellbeing with deep respect for the environment. Thus, the Good Good project was launched with two new takeaway boxes, writing the latest chapter in the commitment to sustainability Starbucks renewed in early 2020.

The first box was designed to adapt to four different take-away products. The challenge here was creating a versatile packaging with a high degree of usability, as well as a strong enough look to make it a real communication tool for the new Starbucks philosophy. To meet these requirements, Angelini Design had to find solutions to a variety of critical aspects tied to packaging production. Made of a completely recyclable and eco-friendly material, the new lunchbox is the answer to all the issues that emerged during the design phase: from manufacturing, to handling by Starbucks personnel, to use by end-clients. The external and internal structure of the packaging makes it easy to carry, keeps food warm and is 100% biodegradable. The box includes two stackable containers, to keep different products separate.

The fresh, positive, refined look and minimalist design by Angelini Design tie in well with the brand’s message: beauty and goodness are even better when they can do away with the superfluous, without compromising on quality. In order to promote the good habit of reusing material, the outer band – which serves as both handle and napkin and cutlery holder – turns into a useful placemat, to put under the box while eating. 

Stemming from the same philosophy, the second pack was designed to hold the new wrap, which bears testimony to the brand’s care for sustainability with its plant-based “meat”. The packaging is specifically made to live a second life: after being used, the cardboard wrap holder can be divided into two small containers for the kitchen, pencil holders, or small vases ready to be hung on a wall.

The two Good Good packaging solutions support Starbucks’s efforts to communicate in a strong and original way the company’s tangible commitment to defending the environment, and to give a positive message that may inspire change in new generations – the real protagonists of our future world.